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EVO is a non-profit organization whose products and services help people engineer and invest in energy efficiency projects worldwide.
EVO´s Vision is to create a world that has confidence in energy efficiency as a reliable and sustainable energy resource.  
EVO´s Mission is to ensure that the savings and impact of energy efficiency and sustainability projects are accurately measured and verified.

EVO wishes to acknowledge the support of the following organizations towards fulfilling its mission:

Latest EVO News

  • A Fresh Look for the 2016 IPMVP® Core Concepts


    EVO released in October a reformatted version of its 2016 Core Concepts. The content of the document remains the same as the version published in May 2016. However, the format has been renewed and improved to facilitate consultation and ease of references.

    You can now download this version by registering to our free Document Access account by clicking here. The Core Concepts document is currently being translated in Italian, Korean, Spanish and French. If you wish to volunteer to be a translator of EVO material, please contact Desislava Borisova.

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