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Extended Training Committee

The Extended Training Committee is composed of M&V professionals who make recommendations to and assist the Training Committee to improve EVO’s training procedures and materials. They are selected based upon their expertise as well as well as from a geographic perspective so that EVO’s trainings can be adapted for different local environments.

evo etc bruce rowse 120x165Bruce Rowse, Chair

Bruce Rowse is the Chair of the Extended Training Committee. He provides consulting and M&V training services to renewable energy and energy efficiency companies. He founded Australian ESCO CarbonetiX,

evo etc chris balbach 120x165Chris Balbach

Chris Balbach is currently Vice President of Research and Development at Performance Systems Development (PSD), an Ithaca NY based company focusing on transforming

evo etc paul calberg ellen 120x165Paul Calberg-Ellen

For the last five years, Paul Calberg-Ellen has led projects and technical development in building energy auditing, energy performance contracting

evo etc daniele forni 120X165Daniele Forni

Daniele Forni is Chief Technical Officer of the Italian Federation for the Rational use of Energy (FIRE), an organization promoting energy efficiency, resource efficiency,

evo tc etc antonio miranda 120x165Antonio Miranda

Antonio Miranda is Vice Chair of EVO’s M&V Training Committee. Antonio is an expert in measurement and verification

evo etc raj 120x165Rajvant Nijjhar

Rajvant Nijjhar is the Director of iVEES®, an international organisation specialising in the independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy efficiency savings.

stephanie nour 120x165Stéphanie Nour

Stéphanie Nour is Director of Latin America and the Caribbean for Econoler, an international consulting and training company in the energy efficiency field.She is a mechanical engineer