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Ways to Support EVO's Mission

EVO's Mission is carried out by many volunteers who contribute their time and expertise. 

As a non-profit, EVO is supported by contributions from generous Organizational Supporters made up of industry professionals, corporations, associations, utilities, foundations and public bodies, as well as individual subscribers to this website.

EVO offers a variety of benefits to our Organizational Supporters depending upon their level of contribution. 


The cost of a Featured CMVP advertisement is $150.00. You must be a current CMVP and a subscriber to the EVO Website in order to place an ad. Please follow these instructions to participate as a Featured CMVP.

For additional information on any of these programs, please email us.

Website Subscriptions

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Qualifying students must provide information to EVO staff as may be needed to document your student status.

1 year USD 25.00.

Get access to M&V Professional materials from EVO.

Get a discount for CMVP Training, please contact us at subscribe@evo-world.org

If you have attended an EVO-sponsored CMVP training or are an Organizational Supporter, you will be asked to provide your coupon information at registration.

1 year USD 125.00.

EVO Training Instructors are encouraged to register here.

1 year USD 125.00.

EVO Training Instructors are encouraged to register here with a discounted fee for a 3 year commitment.

3 years USD 275.00.

This free subscription provides users with access to all unrestricted documents.

1 year.
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