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CMVP Training

Training Preparation for the CMVP® Exam and Certification

This training prepares students for the four hour CMVP exam taken at the end of the two and one-half day training period. The course covers introductory topics and then tackles more complex subjects such as preparing a M&V Plan and the basic methods of Retrofit Isolation, Whole Facility, and Calibrated Simulation examples. 

The training is geared toward the needs of a variety of professionals including performance contractors; energy auditors wanting to expand their expertise into verification roles; large energy users using performance contracting; large energy users interested in getting a better understanding of their energy budgets and being able to explain significant variations and fluctuations in energy use; and energy efficiency program designers, policy makers and managers working for government or utilities.

More information on the certification can be found at the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) information center.

Agenda: Two and a Half Day Workshop

CMVP Training

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