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M&V Training Committee

The M&V Training Committee (TC) oversees a broad portfolio of responsibilities including development of training strategies for all levels of training as well as instructor recruitment, mentoring and certification. The TC relies heavily on the Extended Training Committee (ETC), a group of instructors from every region of the world, that help to localize our training as needed.

evo tc daniel magnet 120x165Daniel Magnet, Chair

Daniel Magnet, Chairman of EVO’s M&V Training Committee, has helped to lead the development and expansion of EVO’s training program. He is a Certified Measurement

evo tc etc antonio miranda 120x165Antonio Miranda, Vice Chair

Antonio Miranda is Vice Chair of EVO’s M&V Training Committee and the Chairman of the Extended Training Committee. Antonio is an expert in measurement and verification

evo steve kromer 120x165Steve Kromer

Steve Kromer is an energy efficiency consultant focusing on energy savings verification (Program Evaluation and M&V) and energy efficiency data management systems. Mr. Kromer holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech (1983).