M&V Plans

Chair: Shankar Earni

This sub-committee will develop standard M&V plans templates for two of the different M&V options that can be used by broader M&V community in order to help ensure quality IPMVP M&V plans. This will help M&V community develop clear, concise and quality M&V plans that will not only help improve the transparency of the M&V activities but also can help gain confidence in the overall performance of the energy efficiency measure/project.

The subcommittee is currently reviewing existing M&V guidelines (like FEMP M&V guidelines) to understand how the state of M&V templates along with their strengths and weaknesses.

The subcommittee is also developing M&V plan templates for two of the four IPMVP options:

  • Option B - Retrofit Isolation with all parameter measurement
  • Option C - Whole building level analysis

Deliverables for this subcommittee include:

  • Collection of IPMVP adherent M&V plans
  • M&V plan review guidelines for adherence.
  • Document defining the IPMVP adherence requirements for M&V plans