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The following document presents the IPMVP Generally Accepted M&V Principles. It provides a quick introduction to M&V and the IPMVP framework. 


 IPMVP Generally Accepted M&V Principles GAP Cover









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White Papers

WPaper CoverWhat Financial Institutions Need to Consider for Measuring and Monitoring the Decarbonization Impact of Energy Efficiency Loans









MV20 CoverImpacts of COVID-19 on Measurement and Verification (M&V) of Energy Savings: Options for Meter-Based Methods – IPMVP and Beyond









IPMVP's Snapshot on Advanced Measurement & Verification MV20 Cover









Position Statements

EVO Position Statement on Deemed Savings Unsolicited Cover









Corporate Documents

Unsolicited Proposals Guidelines Unsolicited Cover









Subcontracted Work Guidelines Subcontracted Cover









Annual Report Cover2020 Annual Report









Annual Report Cover2019 Annual Report









Annual Report Cover2018 Annual Report









Annual Report Cover2017 Annual Report









Annual Report Cover2016 Annual Report