Non-routine Adjustments and Events (NRA/NRE)

Chair: Todd Amundson

Routine adjustments or events are factors that are expected to change routinely and can be accounted for (through regressions or other techniques) to adjust both the baseline and reporting periods to the same set of conditions. Non-routine adjustments are factors that were not expected to change, but that will affect the building’s energy use, not as a result of the energy conservation measures installed as part of the retrofit.

This subcommittee is developing an application guide that will address the proper identification, quantification, and application of non-routine events and adjustments. Topics will include: definitions of NRA/NRE, baseline adjustments, static factors, identification of NRA/NRE, when to apply NRA, calculation of NRA, uncertainty, tracking NRA, case studies, quality assurance, and misinformation about NRAs.