EVO is pleased to announce the creation of two IPMVP certifications for M&V professionals.

Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst – PMVA

Performance Measurement and Verification Expert – PMVE

The PMVA establishes the primary standard for individuals applying IPMVP M&V concepts to energy efficiency projects. The PMVA certification builds on the M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP training curriculum owned and deployed by EVO since 2009. Over 15,000 individuals took this course with alumni in more than 60 countries.

PMVAs have demonstrated M&V capabilities, including a good understanding of applying the IPMVP to determine savings. PMVAs could be building technologists, HVAC specialists, engineers, architects, economists, financial analysts, etc.

The PMVE is an advanced IPMVP M&V certification and establishes the primary standard for individuals engaged in preparing or analyzing measurement and verification plans. The PMVE program builds on the knowledge acquired through the PMVA M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP training and advanced training obtained by taking the EVO’s M&V Planning in Practice course.

PMVEs typically have advanced applied expertise in various aspects of M&V and are capable of preparing/challenging M&V plans and reports. Most PMVEs will hold a technical degree and have a solid understanding of various energy efficiency measures.

These new certifications are effective immediately.

PMVA (English)
PMVA (Français)
PMVA (Español)
PMVA (Português)
PMVA (Italiano)

PMVE (English)
PMVE (Français)
PMVE (Español)
PMVE (Português)
PMVE (Italiano)

To learn more about these programs and how to have your existing M&V credentials recognized by EVO, please visit our certification page.