Following the launch of its new IPMVP® M&V certification programs, Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) is seeking expressions of interest from potential training and certification partners. EVO is an international NGO that owns the globally recognized International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Through a network of national, regional, and international training partners and organizers, EVO has introduced energy efficiency measurement and verification (M&V) training and professional certification in several countries over the past 15 years.

Over these years, the CMVP certification was delivered in conjunction with EVO using EVO-owned training material, based on the EVO-owned IPMVP Protocol, with EVO trained, mentored, and accredited instructors. In the program, individuals were tested on an exam co-owned by EVO and designed mainly by EVO IPMVP Committee members and EVO accredited instructors. The Association of Energy Engineers is the sole owner of the CMVP brand and they initiated the process of terminating the CMVP agreement with EVO in October 2021.

As a result, EVO announced on February 8, 2022, the creation of two new M&V certifications fully owned and administered by EVO:
With creating these new programs, EVO and EVO's M&V resources will cease supporting the CMVP.

To further expand the market in support of these new EVO training and certification programs and other advanced M&V-related training programs, EVO wishes to expand and reinforce its network of national training organizers and national training delivery partners. Interested parties will find more information on EVO M&V products and M&V support infrastructure in this short document. EVO Snapshot.

EVO is particularly interested in new partnerships for the following countries and regions:
  • United States and Canada
  • Europe (Except where a partnership is already in place)
  • English and French speaking countries in Africa
  • Middle East - all countries
  • Asia
  • South America (Spanish).
 Partners' Profile
  • Local (country) entities (profit or non-profit), private or public, with the capacity to direct and connect EVO’s training efforts to local regulatory agencies and ability to guide EVO in pursing relevant policy discussions with local authorities;
  • Regional or international entities (profit or non-profit) private or public, acting with a local partner/entity with a joint capacity to direct and connect EVO’s training efforts to local regulatory agencies and ability to guide EVO in pursing relevant policy discussions with local authorities;
  • Previous successful experience in promoting and organizing professional training and certification programs – ideally in energy efficiency, renewable energy, engineering and other energy related sciences – combined with a verifiable high-profile reputation in delivering professional trainings in the country;
  • Capacity to engage in active market development through existing or emerging partnerships with other local organizations and professional associations and organize multiple training events in the country;
  • Interested entities must operate in the energy sector (traditional, renewable, emerging technologies, energy efficiency, etc.), in the environmental sector or any other relevant areas;
  • Has demonstrated resources and commitment to fulfill training agreement requirements. 

For further information and express your interest, please contact EVO's Training Director, Desislava Borisova at dborisova@evo-world.org.

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