Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy

Type of Partner: Training Partners

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy is a leading energy efficiency think tank and industry platform. AEEE was closely involved in the development of India Cooling Action Plan, India’s first State Energy Efficiency Index and the national R&D initiative to promote building and habitat energy efficiency to create a cadre of well-trained building energy efficiency professionals. AEEE advocates for Thermal Comfort for All, Lean-Mean-Green philosophy to design and construct net-zero energy-water-waste built environment, Sustainable Transportation, Energy Data Framework for better policymaking and implementation, Energy Efficiency as a resource and to build a culture of energy efficiency in India.

As a think-tank and industry association, AEEE has a 360-degree approach of collaborating with diverse stakeholders including policymakers, and government officials, business and industry, consumers, researchers and civil society organizations with the aim to evolve a culture of energy efficiency in the country. 

The organization has achieved a new milestone of evolving an energy efficient head-office in New Delhi in June 2019, which has achieved an overall energy saving of 25% over the ASHRAE 90.1 (2010) baseline.

The overarching goal is to transform the market for energy-efficient products and services, thereby, in the long run, contributing to meeting India’s commitment of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and UN Sustainable development goals. 


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