Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation

Type of Partner: Training Partners

The Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation (TGPF) was established in 1991. For the past 24 years, we have been dedicated to providing consultations to industry in enhancing the environmental and economic benefits and assisting enterprises in achieving sustainable development. The areas of service include: greenhouse gas reduction, energy conservation, recycling, environmental and energy management, low-carbon urban community planning and energy resource technology development.

The Foundation has been working to enhance energy utilization efficiency by users to achieve our ultimate goal of promoting energy efficiency to bring about energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction. In order to assist enterprises in compliance with international standards and regulations, the Foundation is committed to promote a green productivity strategy which enables the enterprises to improve energy efficiency, energy utilization efficiency and environmental protection performance. These improvements bring significant contributions to help enterprises reach sustainable business operations.

Alternate Contact: Ben Ho, benho@tgpf.org.tw


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